About Us

Inspired by the bakawan, or mangrove ecosystem—a network vital to maintaining ecological balance—Project Bakawan embarks on a parallel search to seek and strengthen vital connections between artistic practice, ecologies and people’s communities. Project Bakawan is a collaborative art festival and community-building initiative that aims to increase awareness of current environmental issues and strives to foster a sustainable future.

We want to link and mobilize with artists, cultural workers and educators to create spaces for learning and discussing potential solutions regarding our current ecological crises.

Project Bakawan, seeks to cultivate a consciousness of sustainability and sharing, crystalize it in expression, and harness it for action.


Core Group Project

Convenor: Emmanuel Garibay

Festival Director: Antares Bartolome

Project Coordinator: Ian Carlo Jaucian Assistant

Coordinator: Rina Lee Garibay

Marketing Officer: Friday Abbas

Secretariat: Gwen Garibay, Cheyenne Valles

Project Adviser: Ruel Caasi