Neo-Angono Artist Collective

Established in November 2004, Neo-Angono Artist Collective is both a movement and organization founded by visual artists, writers and poets, musicians, theater people, filmmakers, cultural workers, and art critic and researchers. The members of the core group were Wire Rommel Tuazon, Keiye Miranda-Tuazon, Carlos “Totong” Francisco II, Aaron Bautista, Ian Lomongo, Rem Vocalan, Ramon “Chitoy” Zapata, Claire Zapata, Mideo Cruz, Raoul “Iggy” Rodriguez, and Richard Gappi.

As a movement, NEO-ANGONO strives to render modernist visual and artistic language responsive to the times by articulating and invigorating contemporary Angono experience, sensibility and consciousness. It is also a movement because it observes the intricate engagement and interplay of various creative art forms (the seven artistic idioms) wedded in the local community and people. This is symbolized by the group’s logo – a right hand planting a seedling with seven small leaves.

As an organization, NEO-ANGONO is non-profit, artist-centered, committed to experimentation, recognizes the need to contribute to art research and education, and welcomes support and advice from colleagues and critics. It has participated in art festivals such as the 2nd Tupada International Action Art Event held in February 2005, the UGNAYAN 2005 (4th Philippine International Performance Art Festival) held in September 2005, and art forum initiated by people behind Mag:net gallery.

Project Bakawan

Project Bakawan is a collaborative art festival and community-building initiative that aims to increase awareness of current environmental issues and strives to foster a sustainable future.

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