DALUY: Musika at Kapaligiran

"Daluy": Musika at Kapaligiran

DALUY, is a music composition made up of five separate environmental "soundscapes" all of which were composed by JONAS BAES. Written during his studies with famous German composer Mathias Spahlinger in 1994, and dedicated to his daughter Patricia who was born that year, DALUY's five soundscapes are to be rendered separately, so that they connect the whole event into one integrated whole. In tonight's performance these soundscapes are each to be played in between short film clips, each clip dealing with issues relating to the Philippine natural and social environment.

The original ensembles written in the music score of DALUY calls for bamboo instruments; the twentieth year of this work will render it on metal instruments: large tamtam, flat gongs, saxophones, iron-nail "peace chimes" with a chorus at the end. The music is to be rendered by ensembles from the UP College of Music as well as by the audience. The last of these five soundscapes features a "lullabye" sung to the text entitled sanggol [child] by feminist poet Ruth Elynia Mabanglo. This special performance is one of the featured activities of PROJECT BAKAWAN, in cooperation with the UP College of Music. The UP CINEASTES collaborates with Dr. Baes in bringing sound and imagery in an informative, and interactive music that aims to invoke critical consciousness [conscientization,].


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Project Bakawan

Project Bakawan

Project Bakawan is a collaborative art festival and community-building initiative that aims to increase awareness of current environmental issues and strives to foster a sustainable future.


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