Unity Concert

The festival will culminate in a unity concert featuring performances for the environment, created and sung by advocates and friends of the environment.

Performances by: Phonic Dialog, Nyctinasty, Earthmover, Autoletic, Aeon Mapa, Lions and Acrobats, Brigada, Bata, Plagpul, Jess Santiago, Heber Bartolome,UP Tugma, Barricade, Tao Aves, Talahib, Ebe Dancel, BLKD, Gazera, Pastilan Dong

Concert Coordinator: Mary Jeane Egloso

Venue: Vargas Museum, UP Diliman

Project Bakawan Unity Concert at the UP Vargas Museum. Photos by Aranjay Garchitore and Abby Lagarico

Listening Terminals

Listening Terminal
Listening Terminal

Listening Terminals

Curators: Dayang Yraola

Technical Manager: Franz de Leon, Digital Signal Processing Lab, EEEI

EXHIBITION RUN: 5 February – 1 March 2015

LAUNCH/PERFORMANCES: 5 February 2015, 9-11am and 6-9pm

The Sound and Movement Component, aims to bring elements of the urban eco-system into focus. The traffic, patch greens, the people, the buildings among other natural and built structures has their own role in this eco-system. These elements are there for a reason and a function. However, these elements are too common or too familiar that urban dwellers tend to ignore it, more so, when it comes to auditory experience.

In the Listening Terminals project, sounds from the urban eco-system were recorded as an attempt to isolate them and direct more attention to them. The simple title Listening Terminals is as literal as it appears—listening as the act of consuming, and terminals as the medium of consumption.

Sound artists, music composers, dancers and movement artists are invited to use the recorded sounds to compose their pieces. Music/sound compositions will be played on Listening Terminals, with an instruction to allow portion of the raw sound file to be present in their piece. Later during exhibition, the dancers and movement artists will compose and perform their pieces on the sound that is projected in the Listening Terminal.

How this whole exercise is related to sustainability is not a direct statement. Rather than stating directly that: “this is your environment and that you are responsible for it”; the project terminates the statement at “this is your environment….” The curatorial of the Sound/Movement component of Project Bakawan is focused on providing sensorial stimuli, which has more potential for continued discussion among the interested audience (whether on the topic of urban ecology, sound art, music, dance, movement, etc), rather than a prescriptive statement. Therefore has more potential for a sustainable discourse.

Dayang Yraola

Listening Terminals in front of the UP College of Music
Photos by Potchie Lazaro

Sound Composers Technical and Production Team
Juro Kim Feliz, Philippines/Canada Irvin Eusebio
Charles Fournier, Philippines Vanessa Tan
Cris Garcimo, Philippines Carl Tolosa
Michael Graeve, Australia Paul Magat
Erwin Fajardo, Philippines Jason Disuanco

Malek Lopez, Philippines/Singapore (tbd)
Maria Christine Muyco
Jordan Peralta, Philippines (tbd)
Thomas Reifner, Germany
Kamal Sabran, Malaysia
Motohide Taguchi, Japan


*Movement concept from Roselle Pineda (Department of Art Studies, College of Arts and Letters) in collaboration with Marx Diego

Audio Files Contributor
Jean Abordo Queena Filart
Kristia Alcantara Zyrael Fortes
Lorenz Aliwalas Janina Guarte
Angelo Aquino II Lois Mari Laput
Droo Aragon Jose Marie Mendoza
Louise Kaye Arandia Chyrene Moncada
Gian Aurelio Roan Opiso
Mariefrance Vasquez Ballester Ardi Quines
Joannes Castro Gerome Soriano
Dale Joshua del Carmen Kim Suyeon
Ashley Diaz Pol Torrente
Clarence Diaz Patricia Wilwayco
Patricia Dy  

Dr. Carmela Española
Click Sonic Labs
Mark Alan Laccay
UP Center for Ethnomusicology

UP Diliman Travelogue

UP Diliman Travelogue

Curators: Sipat Lawin Ensemble (Sarah Salazar and JK Anicoche)

I. Latag! Buklat! Kuwento! Project Banig X Project Bakawan.

Storytelling session at the Old Stud Farm in UP Diliman Feb 23 (Monday) 3pm. Free admission. Open to kids and kids-at-heart

II. KKK (Kuwentuhan. Karanasan. Kalikasan), a Project Bakawan Travelogue 

Excerpt (Test Run): FEBRUARY 22 (Sun) 10am;

Meeting spot: Oblation.

*Adventure Dates (Full Run): MARCH 1 (Sun), 2 (Mon), 4 (Wed) 2pm-4pm Meeting spot: Old Stud Farm. 

Join us as we weave stories and journey through the different art installations of Project Bakawan in UP Diliman. Discover the ecology - the intersections of art and science as we learn about humanity’s relationship to nature through site-specific dance, storytelling,sound, performance installation and ritual. Let’s move, recreate and reflect on our ways of taking care of the environment as we feed and nurture Manaul, an installation creature based on the mythical bird who believed to be the cause of the dispute between the Sky and the Sea, leaving archipelagic remnants, the Philippines which later on became its home. Pack your bags. Bring water, cap/ umbrella and extra shirt. Let’s travel into the web of life. 

Featured artists: Sipat Lawin Ensemble players Clyde Enriquez, Ness Roque, Sarah Salazar, Meila Romero and JK Anicoche X Julia Nebrija X Al Bernard Garcia X Christopher Aronson X Kulay Labitigan

UP Diliman Travelogue

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