RAPT is a performative open installation wherein the artists “rearrange the landscape” by continuously creating arbitrary structures and arrangements on site using only rocks and debris, coming from demolitions or discards, and collected from their immediate environment: the UP Diliman Campus and its surrounding communities. Working on what is readily available, Rapt recreates the landscape from and within itself.

The artists’ full involvement in the creation of the work recalls the mental, spiritual and bodily involvement of ancient builders and workers, of entire communities undertaking the construction of monuments and monoliths to honor and worship an unseen force that presides over their lives. Here, nature is art and art is nature, its inspiration and maker both divine. In this respect, the willfulness to involve and immerse oneself body, heart, and soul into creating is an expression of complete investment: a gesture of affection for the space and for those who will see and interact with the work.

Brisa Amir and Les Lee's installation is located at the "Hippie Hill" beside the College of Mass Communication in front of Quezon Hall.

Work starts on Feb 9 and continues till Feb 28. The artists will work onsite daily on alternate days.

The progress of this performance is documented through their blog at raptproject.blogspot.com.

RAPT: A Pefrormative Open Art Installation

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