Giant Dandelions

Olivia D'Aboville
PET Bottles, LED Bulbs
Abelardo Hall Grounds (College of Music) UP Diliman

Giant Dandelion is a light art installation of 20 larger than life flowers made from 2,000 recycled water bottles and lit with energy saver bulbs. From plastic spoons to water bottles to cocktail stirrers, Olivia is drawn to mass produced objects. These object refer to our consumerist society that is inevitably polluting our environment

Olivia D'Aboville specializes in tapestry and textile structures. She seeks to increase awareness of the environmental problems of the Philippines through her multi-media installations made of recycled materials.

"Giant Dandelion" by Olivia D'Aboville at the UP College of Music. Photos by Potchie Lazaro

Light in Ecosystem

Aze Ong
Yarn, GI wires, wood
College of Arts and Letters Bldg. UP Diliman

The premise of this exhibit is that every part of the environment has a significant purpose, species, size, appearance, color, shape and texture have equal importance. Each having a vital function to be respected. The pieces, along with accompanying performance, promote the personal healing nature of art. -Norman Ramirez

Aze Ong is a self-trained artist whose works are made with a combination of crochet, fiber, metal, wood and stone. 

"Light in Ecosystem" Art Installation by Aze Ong
Photos by Jeremy Agsawa and Potchie Lazaro

Mang Groovy's Orchard

Pete Jimenez
Medium: Steel Pipes, Welded Rebars
Faculty Center, UP Diliman

The Bakawan Installation is inspired by Roberto Chabet’s 1974 artwork of the same title. the collection of rusty steel pipes with welded corrugated bars are reminiscent of cut up mangroves. The bright red ocular of the inner cylinder suggests blood (life); each sculpture is an artery to life’s essential flow.

Pete Jimenez Pete Jimenez is one of the most ingenious multi-media artist in contemporary art scene, He has been fashioning steel discards into graceful forms that work as visual puns

"Mang Groovy's Orchard" art installation by Pete Jimenez at the UP Diliman Faculty Center
Photos by Jeremy Agsawa and Potchie Lazaro

Off Site/ Out of Sight

Curators: Claro & Eileen Ramirez

Venue: Communities within UP Diliman territory, Materials Recovery Facility

Off Site/ Out of Sight takes from the idea that much of the mangrove systems, or bakawan, constitute hidden but vital breeding grounds for life. Participating artists are asked to take this aspect of ‘invisibility’ and ‘inaccessibility’ into consideration as they interact with select communities within the UP Diliman territory. A number of artists will take on a six-month, immersive collaboration with willing households to creatively depict their conditions alongside competing interests in land and other resources. The intent behind these eco-social experiments  is grounded in possibly utopic, but necessary, aspirations of crafting just schemes of sharing and living amidst persisting myths about autonomy and privilege.

Set off by artists’ visits to places like the Arboretum, Daang Tubo, Pook Malinis, Krus na Ligas,and CP Garcia beginning April last year, Off site/Out of sight hopes to activate the UP stud farm turned materials recovery facility through site specific work by individuals and artists collectives such as: Mars Bugaoan, Cagayan de Oro Arts Guild, Cavity Collective, Contemporists Collaborative, Talaandig Artists, Ohm David, Arvie Fetalvero, Lyra Garcellano , Alma Quinto, Claro Ramirez, the Angono-based group S16, Katti Sta Ana, Jose John Santos III and Pam Yan Santos, Ioannis Sicuya, Talaandig Artists, Angel Ulama, Ferdz Valencia, Oca Villamiel, WALA, Christoper Zamora, and Eric Zamuco, among others. Opening activities include sticker exchanges organized by Cavity Collective, a decker and off-road biker open, a one-day ride-thru of food trucks, and poetry jamming.


Set-up of art installations and interactions with UP Diliman residents at the Materials Recovery Facility (former Stud Farm)

Open Invitation

Curators: Project Bakawan Curatorial Board

Venue: Open spaces within the UP Diliman Campus

Proposed Artist: Olivia D'Aboville, Brisa Amir, Pete Jimenez, Niccolo Jose, Luis Junyee Yee, Les Lee, Aze Ong, Antonio Leaño, Fred Liongoren,Ciriaco Santiago III, Mark Z. Saludes, Romeo Dela Cruz Jr.

Various artists will be invited to engage sites in Diliman that cleave to the academic oval and campus proper. These sites give artists the opportunity to collaborate with varied institutions and publics of the UP Diliman campus. These engagements will range from site-specific installations to interactive programs, depending on the individual artists’ proposals.



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