Ethos Bathos Pathos

Ethos, Bathos, Pathos

Curators: Planting Rice (Lian Ladia and Siddhartha Perez)

Artists:  Tommy Haffala, Jonas Baes, Luis “Junyee” Yee
Autonomous groups: Civ:Lab, Onsite, Etniko Bandido, Marindukanon Studies Center, OverxOut.

Venue: UP Vargas Museum

This exhibition of photographs, interactive installations and sound terminals  contemplates the singularity of nature, the larger whole that all living beings are said to be part of. The artworks are grouped into three segments, to represent three facets of this whole. "Ethos", which meditates on the idea of the soul, will be represented by works depicting the life stories of indigenous peoples in the Cordillera region.

Solo art installations by Luis “Junyee” Yee will be the focal pieces for “Bathos”, or the denouement of our relationship with nature.  “Pathos”, interpreted by the curators as ‘a pumping heart’, will feature an open-resource project aiming to connect contemporary art with direct action. Artists will be invited to archive their portfolios in a database that can be used for institutions and organisations that advocate ecological sustainability.  This event was made possible through the support of the Japan Foundation Manila.

"Ethos Bathos Pathos" exhibit opening at the UP Vargas Mueum. Photos by Romina Goce

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