Hold Everything Dear

Curator:  Antares Bartolome

Artists: Leo Abaya, Buen Abrigo, Rai Cruz, Kite Maker's Association of the Philippines, Luisita Watch, Paolo Lorenzo, Paloma Polo, Jonas Staal, Pancho Villanueva, WSK.FM

This exhibition seeks to explore the idea of ‘the commons’, which refers to the natural resources and cultural spheres that all of humanity share. Participating artists are given freedom to create works, hold talks and facilitate workshops that explore the ideas of communal stewardship, shared heritage vis-à-vis the discourses of exclusion and privatization.

Paintings, photography and sculptures will be displayed within the gallery while four adjunct projects extend to the public spaces surrounding the gallery.

  • The first project is a kite-flying event which addresses the idea of ‘the commons’ directly by a symbolic reclamation of the skies.

  • The second project is a street mural communicating visual discourses about ‘the commons’. This will be painted on the perimeter wall along Old Balara towards CP Garcia, a heavy traffic area frequented by a diverse demographic.

  • The third is a ‘banig’ picnic on the Asian Center grounds, open to advocacy groups, art collectives and other partner organisations. This casual gathering addresses the concept of collective imagination as a shared resource.

  • The fourth project will be a series of recorded programmes tackling the idea of ‘the commons’ to be aired via internet and radio.

"Hold Everything Dear" Opening Exhibit at the Ishmael Bernal Gallery, UP Diliman. Photos by Potchie Lazaro

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