Never Enough

Pancho C. Villanueva
Mixed Media Installation

The installation aims to present a different perspective about man as a player in the ecosystem loop beyond being either a mere consumer or producer or even as both. The work aspires to present man in a cultural and sociological context and how this affects his role as a self-aware participant in the socio-ecological stratum, and thus, in the entire ecological structure. Using the "Sungka" as the central metaphor, the work depicts two opposing players as non-specific entities competing for common resources. It is a satirical take on this whole game of acquisition –acquiring more than they need in order to secure their own welfare regardless of irrevocable damage to the environment, regardless of loss to others.

The installation uses "Sungka" as a counterpoint to emphasize man’s failure to seek appropriation, distribution, resource management, and shared stewardship; instead of acquisition, embezzlement, and greed. It hopes to remind us of our constant struggle for equity and balance as we ponder about the bigger forces that govern over and affect the accessibility to and availability of resources either natural or cultural.

"Never Enough" art installation by Pancho Villanueva
Photos by Potchie Lazaro

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